Discovering Italian treasures in Emilia Romagna
Discovering Italian treasures in Emilia Romagna
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Discovering Italian treasures in Emilia Romagna

Delicious food and Ferrari among the most precious

Bologna is the home of dishes that are well known in the whole world and in Maranello you can go visit the museum open to the public of Ferrari cars.

Ragù is an Italian pasta sauce made in many different ways. The most typical one is the Bolognese sauce, originally from Emilia Romagna's main city, Bologna. Here, you can taste it rigorously accompanying tagliatelle or lasagne. Other typical dishes from this region are tortellini with broth, tortelloni with ricotta and spinach and ravioli filled with pumpkin. Not to miss is the locally produces Parmesan Cheese with a dip of balsamic vinegar Doc. With regard to the wine, the Lambrusco is what accompanies every meal of families from this region. It is a red sparkling wine. Many are the initiatives in Emilia that see food and art as protagonists; for example, cities like Ferrara, Modena and Ravenna.

The history of Emilia Romagna is very much intertwined with that of famous writers and artists such as: Dante Alighieri, Boccaccio, Oscar Wilde and Klimt. In particular, you can follow the tracks of these great artists in the city of Ravenna. In this arts city every year a festival takes place, the Ravenna Festival. This year it is the twenty-fifth recurrence of this event and the concerts of classical music, but also spectacles for children and films' music, will take place during the whole month of July.

Modena is also home of one of the most well known Italian car in the world: Ferrari. In particular, in Maranello you can go visit the museum about the rise of automobiles and of Ferrari cars. The gallery was designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano and provides many interesting facts and figures linked to this excellence. Some Formula 1 simulators are also present to experience the adrenaline of driving a single-seater car. Next to the museums you can visit the Ferrari store.

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