Current trends in Italian sports panorama
Current trends in Italian sports panorama
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Current trends in Italian sports panorama

Claims for change: bring sports back on the streets

Sport in Italy is characterised by two main elements: the family and the street.

With regard to families, they are a vibrant input for young kids, inciting them to perform well, to bring home victories and to never give up. But families and sport in Italy have a much deeper bond, which has impacted also entrepreneurship. In fact, actual important companies - such as Yamamay and Erreà - were founded by two fathers who wanted to do something for their children. For instance, in the case of Yamamay, Francesco Fabbrica wanted to create some better swimming suits for his two sons, Giacomo and Edoardo.

Erreà story starts in 1988 in Parma and today is the sponsor of Island national football team. Once again, everything started with a desire of a father for his children: Angelo Gandolfi (the founder) wanted to create good sports clothing for his son (Roberto) and his daughter (Annalisa). All fabrics used by the company are certified and free from toxic materials. Furthermore, the use of Active Tense allows better breathing and prevents injuries to shoulders.

With regard to the second core element of Italian sport - the street - it dates back to the end of the Second World War, when sport was born again on streets. People used to practice a lot of disciplines open air but then, as time passed, indoor places became the most popular ones. In particular, soccer was very much practised on streets and social networks today keep calling for the need to go back to the street, for a less constricted version, free to be enjoyed by anyone.

A great representative of this claim is Calciatori Brutti (ugly football players), one of the most successful social platforms today. Together with Erreà, the two are sponsoring the Giochi del Calcio di Strada (Street Football Games) touching different cities in Italy, starting in June with Capo d'Orlando (Sicily). Who knows whether Italians will go back to the old beloved street soccer in the near future.

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