Alfa Romeo “traditional” love story
Alfa Romeo “traditional” love story
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Alfa Romeo “traditional” love story

The Italian car is romancing its buyers by putting a nostalgic QV badge on its new Giulietta

According to the Royal Alto magazine, "Alfa Romeo's two new variants of its stylish small car, the Giulietta, have put the emphasis on a more affordable entry-level model and a better equipped mid-range car".

It is said that Alfa's design flair and driver passion are crucial for raising Giulietta's attractiveness. However, a few new models and a special although nostalgic marketing move seem able to push its sale even faster.

Among new technical options available, a full bag of basic safety gear; Alfa's selectable drive and traction modes with an electronic differential; steering-mounted audio and phone control; electric windows; rain-sensing wipers; dusk-sensing headlights; electric folding windows; electric driver's seat; lumbar support; parking sensors; Tom-Tom clip-on sat-nav; and dual-zone climate control with rear seat vents should be mentioned.

Beyond that, Giulietta's already stunning look will be further embellished by a little detail that is expected to "stir the passion in Alfa enthusiasts": the 1750 Quadrifoglio Verdi - the so called QV, which will be available for a few dozens of dollars.

It is true that, even though it is able to deliver a great mechanical package, Alfa "still pays little heed to the fundamental driver ergonomics" solutions other brands are able to offer.  However, Royal Auto believes that "with its unique QV dash, Bose sound system, dark glasses, sports pedals and door kick plates, cannelloni seat roll pattern and a glove-box bottle cooler, the cabin is so Italian you'd expect the sat-nav to list pasta joints!"

In conclusion, Giulietta's new entry models can be described as an interesting "cost-effective option for those who cringe at the sameness of today's popular small cars".

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