A new Ferrari driving school opens in Texas
A new Ferrari driving school opens in Texas
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A new Ferrari driving school opens in Texas

The basic package, called “Corso Pilota”, costs $13,500, with hotel room and meals included

With driving schools becoming so popular in Italy, with foreigners coming from all over the word to have the chance to improve their skills while driving a luxury cars, the iconic Italian car manufactures Ferrari has decided to test if these schools can be successful abroad, too. Indeed, Ferrari driving schools are not made for offering the chance to ride this beautiful car to people who have been dreaming for if for years, as they know they will never be able to afford any of them. On the contrary, they are accessible only to wealthy "Ferraristi".

This year, in Texas, 18 people (17 men, one woman) had the chance to drive $300,000 Ferraris on the brand-new formula 1 racetrack that has been recently built in Austin.

As reported by Bloomberg, the Ferraris available in Texas are F12 Berlinettas (each worth $315,000) and 458 Italias ($233,000). Austin's driving school offers a very basic package made of two days of instruction on the racetrack and two nights during which students are welcomed to hang out with other "Ferraristi". The basic package, called "Corso Pilota", costs $13,500, with hotel room and meals included.

It is a matter of fact that within this range of prices, the first US-based Ferrari driving school is not open to everybody. Indeed, it is not very surprising to learn that all participants already own a Ferrari.

According to Bloomberg, the reason why the Italian automaker has decided to open this new driving school in the United States is linked to its dream of creating a global "Ferrari familia". Another school has already been inaugurated in Mont-Tremblant, Canada, a former site of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Ferrari is not the only carmaker offering this kind of classes. Porsche and Maserati have some, too, although most of times they mainly offer instructors the opportunity "to teach customers how to safely operate their very fast cars, and understand the vehicles' extreme capabilities".

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