A few reasons to visit Pavia
A few reasons to visit Pavia
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A few reasons to visit Pavia

History and nature are the perfect combination for a unique trip

Pavia is a city of secrets, with an elusive, discreet charm that is only revealed to those who are prepared to search for its hidden treasures.

A visit to Pavia is an important opportunity to retrace a decisive moment in Italian history. It should not be forgotten that at its apex the Lombard kingdom encompassed almost the whole of Italy with the exception of the furthest offshoots of Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily which remained Byzantine, and the city of Rome under papal control.

Following one of the interesting itineraries tourist can enjoy the city, then take a stroll through the countryside heading to the stunning cloister, a monumental monastery complex. Then continue towards Santa Cristina, to visit its castles and the ancient hot water springs.

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