A few reasons to visit Italy in September
A few reasons to visit Italy in September
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A few reasons to visit Italy in September

Fall is the season in which jeans becomes a must and local food and wine festivals are everywhere

Most tourists come to visit Italy during summer time, but our country has a lot to offer evens after the peak season. September is a favored month by those in-the-know, as some famous bloggers say.

Kiersten, who left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler and run the popular "The Blonde Abroad" blog, is almost sure: in Italy, the fall months are gorgeous, because even in the northernmost areas, you'll often find afternoon temperatures in the 70s and 80s through September. Her advice? "While tourist favorites like Rome, Florence, Venice, and the Amalfi coast often stay crowded into October, you will find fewer travelers throughout the country as the season goes on. Local food and wine festivals called sagres are everywhere in the fall. Celebrate your love of chocolate, wine, truffles, and chestnuts like a proper Italian. On your way, be sure to explore the countryside to take in the stunning fall colors in the vineyards".

Alex created "The Travel Fashion Girl" in 2012 to share  information for women. The blog quicly turned into the most popular women's packing resource online, with over 500,000 monthly readers. Alex suggests that when planning what to wear in Italy in September and autumn, you should pack the same items as in spring, because the two seasons are similar and the only variations may be an umbrella and trench coat. Thefore, here's what you have to put in your bag: "Jeans are a must, along with skirts in light fabrics. Match your bottoms with a quality tee or pretty blouse, and don't forget a sweater and light jacket for layering on cold days and evenings and a waterproof outerwear item, such as a light trench coat". In autumn, according to Alex "The key colors of the season are brown, purple, gray, and black, but you can always choose lighter colors to provide relief from warmer weather".

If you missed your opportunity to visit Italy during summer, take a second chance in September"! As Jo from the team of "Tripbase" bloggers writes, "I visited in late September when the sun was still shining, but not baking, and the streets were busy but not jam packed":  a precious advice to follow.

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