Yougenio: when digital economy serves families
Yougenio: when digital economy serves families
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Yougenio: when digital economy serves families

An innovative way to take care of the house and the garden

Yougenio is an online platform offering services of house-keeping, created by Manutencoop Facility Management. The latter was a leader in maintenance services for companies and has recently decided to broaden its spectrum to private consumers as well.

Yougenio package is quite large. It includes 120 services ranging from living rooms cleaning, gardening and relocation to hydro and electric repairs. Innovatively, the customer knows in advance how much that service will cost him since the remuneration is not calculated on the amount of time but on the goal to be achieved.

Alvise Vigilante, Yougenio CEO, has enthusiastically pointed out what distinguishes his company from its competitors. Firstly, Yougenio hires its employees with an open-ended contract, they all have an insurance and are adequately trained.

Furthermore, the company has a double aim: giving the clients maximum professionality and giving their employers incentives to try their best in their jobs. For these reasons, employers are provided with smartphones, bikes (or cars, depending on the service) and they also gain a percentage of sales volume. These incentives are very useful to discourage jobs in the "black market", especially in house-keeping, which is quite popular in Italy. As a matter of fact, the estimated value of cleaning activities is 6.3 billion Euros (including black market labour, which is 66% out of the total amount), while maintenance services have a turnover of 5,5 billion Euros, including a 15% of undeclared work.

Yougenio is a direct provider of services, available in Milan, Bologna and Florence. It will be soon available in Rome as well. The ambitious goal of the company is to be present in all big Italian cities (having more than 50.000 inhabitants). This achievement seems very feasible thanks to the great success of the Yougenio concept, confirmed by the positive feedbacks of users and supporters.

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