Worldz: how to receive a personalized discount through Facebook
Worldz: how to receive a personalized discount through Facebook
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Worldz: how to receive a personalized discount through Facebook

When social networks become "convenient"

Worldz is the new Italian startup that makes dreams come true. While people might consider absurd the option of having personalized discounts thanks to their popularity on Facebook, Worldz makes it possible. "The idea is very simple" Joshua Priore, Worldz CEO and founder, explains. "The more you are popular on Facebook, the greater the value of your discount is", Joshua continues. To receive the discount is enough to share on the personal profile the post generated by the website telling about your shopping experience.

Worldz idea was born from Joshua's meditation on the frenetic use of social networks by young people. In particular, he started asking himself how the use of Facebook could be transformed into something "economically convenient". The idea seemed to work really well: Worldz has today 12 people on board, 250.000 Euros as initial investment, 10.000 active users, and 50 business customers.

Companies are very fond of Worldz. Thanks to the software of the Italian startup, partner-companies can better engage with clients online: Worldz tools can help companies to avoid clients from abandoning their website before completing the purchase, with Facebook forwarding notifications to those people who have not completed their orders. After buying the product, each costumer is invited to share his/her experience on Facebook, telling about the brand of the product bought. After doing so, the person will receive a discount commensurate with the popularity of his/her account.

Worldz is still growing with new interesting initiatives. They have recently launched their first equity crowdfunding campaign on the platform Opstart aimed at collecting 150.000 Euros. The money collected will serve to further improve the structure of the company, to hire new people who will work in new departments all market-oriented. IT development is a priority at Worldz, given the importance of keeping the company as innovative and competitive as possible.

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