Why foreigners want to invest on the Italian stock market
Why foreigners want to invest on the Italian stock market
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Why foreigners want to invest on the Italian stock market

Piazza Affari as an attractive place for international giants

The global economic crisis has not stopped foreign investments in Italy and in the Italian stock market. One of the biggest names of Piazza Affari is the American BlackRock, a leader in the field of funds in the world with a global management of over 5.000 billion dollars. Another protagonist of the Italian stock market the Norges Bank, managing over 800 billion dollars and supported by oil extraction.

While BlackRocks is present in infrastructures (Rai Way, Snam), utility (Enel) and also in financial services (Fineco and Azimut), Norges Bank has participations over 2% in finance (Banco Bpm, Banca Ifis), oil (Saras Raffinerie) and telecommunications (Telecom Italia).

Another American actor quite active in Italy is Fidelity, which is present in the shares of Azimut, Amplifon and Recordati, also managing a maxi-fund specialised in stocks investments in Piazza Affari.

With regard to Middle Eastern investors, the Emirates are present on the Italian financial market with Aabar, based in Abu Dhabi. Aabar is the first Unicredit shareholder, followed by the Qatar Fund very active in the real estate market, hotel and the Italian fight company Meridiana. Besides the Arab investors, the UK ones also play a major role with Artemis Investment (partner with Rai Way, Ei Tower), Threadneedle (Infrastructure Wireless Italiane) and Sichester International (UBI).

Recent reports have highlighted how the number of foreign investors in Italian stock market has remarkably increased over the last few years. In fact, in 2014 foreign banks and funds were major actionists in 71 companies, that is 30% of the total number of business present on Piazza Affari. In 2009, the number was much lower: only 47 foreign companies.

Giuseppe Vegas, president of Consob (National Commission for Societies and Stock Market), has commented on this trend stating that "foreign funds have taken important shares of Italian companies in the stock market. It is now up to Italians to make the country more and more attractive". Hopefully, they will try their best to excel.

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