Unreasonable Lab comes to Italy
Unreasonable Lab comes to Italy
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Unreasonable Lab comes to Italy

Innovative ideas touching different fields

Unreasonable Lab Italy is the Italian version of an American acceleration program aimed at matching and mentoring entrepreneurs.

The partners of Unreasonable Lab are U-Start (a consultancy boutique supporting private investors in finding good investment opportunities in the digital and technological field) and BE-COME (an ground-breaking firm, developing high profile solutions for innovators, creative thinkers and change promotors).

Unreasonable Lab together with its partners has selected 12 projects having the chance to take part in the 5-day training workshop, held in Milan from the 24th until the 28th of October 2016.

The Lab is entirely focused on fund raising and investment preparedness, that is how to get the required skills plan and execute a successful strategy to raise funds, get positive feedbacks and adapt the company strategy on these objectives.

Interestingly, the 12 selected projects are quite different from one another. For instance, Altromercato sells products having no environmental impact, without taking advantage of the workforce and commercialising its products through shops and e-commerce platforms. Arianna's thread is an app to help refugees to orient themselves once they get to Italy. For photos-addicted, GetWys is an app allowing the users to create and share a photo, putting a micro-donation with it supporting a charity campaign. Those who are very attentive to their posture would love StayActive, a posture detector able to tell you every time you are not in the right position. This auto-correction method helps to prevent back and cervical pain.

Also related to health and care, the app NeoScan is useful to monitor our skin, moles and other imperfections. The Maharishi Foundation tries to help too, offering meditation to reduce stress and to fully develop the metal potential of people, along with the intellectual and emotional one.

As proved by the above-quoted examples, the projects are all very different but at the same time very useful in a social perspective.

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