The Garden of Pleasures: a new way to appreciate Italian food
The Garden of Pleasures: a new way to appreciate Italian food
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The Garden of Pleasures: a new way to appreciate Italian food

The Sardinian lab re-discovering local traditional recipes and Italian ones

Gabriella Narciso, a well-known Italian chef de cuisine, has launched a new gourmet initiative in Cagliari, Sardinia's main city.

As discovered by the Italian daily La Stampa, the Italian Chef has set up a kitchen lab aimed at discovering the traditional Sardinian recipes and their original taste. The name of this lab is "The garden of pleasures", derived from her dedication to naturopathy. In fact, Gabriella's desire was the one of teaching her students how to use natural ingredients according to their nutritional and therapeutic properties. Gabriella started as a pastry chef, opening her own bakery called "Chez Moi". She then started a spiritual path, closing her previous business and devoting her energies to this new project.

Her initiative turned out to be a great success and Gabriella was asked to open another lab in Sassari. The primary ingredients for any recipe are love, sharing desire and cheerfulness. Activities in the Garden are organized according to the specific period of the year. In fact, in the summer time (from May until September) the school organizes mini-courses for tourists in different languages, i.e. English, French and Spanish. From October to April, the Garden is active with weekly courses focuses on local and Italian cuisine. Didactic activities are organized in one or two days and they include a tour of the historical St. Benedict market, where students can shop, choosing among the great variety of typical products of Sardinia.

During the courses, a series of recipes are presented, ranging from famous local ones (such as the carasau bread and culurgiones) to typical of the Italian cuisine, also including vegetarian and vegan dishes. In order to gratify themselves, after each class students have the chance to taste the gourmet dishes accompanied by excellent wines from Sardinia.

Last but not least, Cagliari Garden is located in a beautiful site, close to Aragon's Towers, the Cathedral, the archaeological museum and the touristic harbour.

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