The first Italian eco-friendly road
The first Italian eco-friendly road
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The first Italian eco-friendly road

The brilliant invention signed by Iterchimica, Verona

Iterchimica research and development labs in Verona gave life to a new groundbreaking invention: the first 100% sustainable road. Unbelievable but real, the asphalt is made of recycled materials and, thanks to regenerating additives, it does not need to be put in a landfill. Furthermore, the paving process can be done at low temperature, avoiding energy consumption and other emissions.

The new technological innovation conceived by the Italian company Iterchimica assures to the product better performances. In fact, paving will last more and will require fewer maintenance interventions. The sustainable road is ideal for cycle lanes or places with little traffic and it is also suitable for repairing.

Federica Giannatasio - Iterchimica CEO - proudly commented on the achievement of her company, stating "we are the first in the world able to conceive and produce a green road, combining 4 factors: 100% recycled asphalt, green additives, cold paving and colours. Our product offers a remarkable reduction of pollution, along with a more secure infrastructure, which will last more and which is nice to look at." Iterchimica road will also change the common conception of a road as a mix of bitumen and aggregates in favour of a more technological view.

Iterchimica Srl is an Italian champion of paving. It was founded in 1967 by Gabriele Giannatasio and it is active in more than 70 countries in the world. Undoubtedly, Iterchimica is an Italian example of best practice, combining an important field of action with a sustainable business model. In fact, the company works hard to improve paving techniques, increasing the level of security without neglecting the sustainability of its products and their effectiveness.

Iterchimica also collaborates with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and with the main university departments specialised in paving and chemical research.

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