TechCrunch Italy waiting to annouce the winner of its Startup competition
TechCrunch Italy waiting to annouce the winner of its Startup competition
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TechCrunch Italy waiting to annouce the winner of its Startup competition

Eight startups are competing for a 50,000 Euros prize

By the end of the week, the winner of 2013 TechCrunch Italy startup competition will be revealed. During the last few months, more than 200 people participated to this technological contest, and the advisory board that is in charge of the selection recently announced the name of the eight finalists. Here they are:

1) Aenduo is a company offering people suffering from diabetes the chance of being monitored on daily basis but online, and at very cheap prices.

2) Bauzaar is a website for pet lovers, specialized in selling online high quality food for dogs and cats. Promoting home delivery, Bauzaar allows clients to save both time and money while buying what their pets need.

3) Bemyeye is an innovative service for crowdsourcing store checks, mystery shopping and other observations from the field. Thanks to a widespread network of more than 20,000 "Eyes", BeMyEye provides images and data from any location in Italy in few days at affordable prices.

4) offers the chance to improve language skills connecting language learners with real native speakers around the world. Thanks to Fluentifly, people can practice with real native speakers without having to travel or buy expensive language courses.

5) GiPStech is a company working where GPS cannot. It uses an innovative technology to locate an object that is moving in indoors environments, with the help of a smartphone.

6) Pathflow is a Startuo studying how customers move and behave inside a location. While matching this analysis with marketing and sales data, Pathflow is able to generate dashboards with objective data that are precious for retailers to understand their customers and their shopping habits.

7) Sportboom is perfect for organizing sport gathering and competitions with friends. This is a startup helping people to understand that sport is contagious and cheap when facilities can be shared.

8 ) Vivocha is a startup providing an online customer interaction platform enabling businesses to seamlessly communicate with prospects and customers right on the website, using any combination of VoIP, video, chat, CallBacks, and collaboration tools like assisted browsing and form and document sharing.

All these companies are now looking forward hearing who, among them, is going to receive the super "sponsorship" of 50,000 Euros, but they can all be sure that, thanks to their brilliant performance in this year competition, they will be remembered, and used, for a long time.

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