TechCrunch Italy 2013 is ready to start
TechCrunch Italy 2013 is ready to start
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TechCrunch Italy 2013 is ready to start

The most recognised leaders and innovators of the technology and media industries are gathering in Rome at the end of September

Italy is ready to welcome the most recognised leaders and innovators of the technology and media industries from Italy, Europe and the US. In Rome, at the end of September, at a very special venue: The Maxxi Museum, that is the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, a breathtaking creation shaped by one of the world's most inspiring architects, Zaha Hadid.

On September 26th and 27th, this magnificent setting will be home to the 2013 edition of TechCrunch Italy, a gathering aimed at  giving a unique insight into the big changes and trends happening in the world right now.

Co-organized with Populis, one of Europe's leading digital media groups, TechCrunch Italy will bring some of the best experts together to talk about what's next, giving all participants the chance to have the feeling they are going to shape the future of the digital sector altogether.

The two days event will offer keynote speeches, panel presentations, oped debates, One-to-One meetings and workshops. Among confirmed VIPs participants there are Francesco Caio (Commissioner for the Italian Government's Digital Agenda & CEO of Avio Aero), Amelia Showalter (Former Director of Digital Analytics Obama Re-election Campaign), Matthew Prince (co founder and CEO of CloudFlare), Michael Widenius (Co Founder and main author of MySql), Yossi Vardi, (an Israeli investor who is currently the godfather of more than 40 startups), Renato Soru (Co Founder of Tiscali), Renaud Visage (Co founder of Eventbrite), and also Jeff Hagins (Founder of SmartThings), Martin Varsavsky (Founder of the Global WiFi Network FON), Andreas Wiele, (President of Bild) Giorgio Brenna, (Chairman and CEO Italy of Leo Burnett), and many, many others.

Finally, the two most awaited moments of the event will be linked to the keynote speech of John Underkoffler, the man who led the team that came up with the Minority Report interface, allowing Tom Cruise put on his data glove and started whooshing through video clips of future crimes. The second event will be the announcement of the winner of TechCrunch Italy startup competition, whose top prize is a "sponsorship" of 50,000 Euros.

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