SuperSummit, the Italian platform for free live streaming events
SuperSummit, the Italian platform for free live streaming events
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SuperSummit, the Italian platform for free live streaming events

The first Social Media, SEO & Web Marketing SuperSummit takes place in November and is focused on Marketing

SuperSummit is a platform that is going to change the way in which big events are advertised and displayed online, allowing people to follow online gathering, workshops and high quality classes just looking at either desktop or mobile.

What users need to do is just accessing the platform for free or, in case, buy a ticket to watch a particular event they are interested in, or simply access the documents, workshops, and classes they want to.

The mind behind this revolutionary digital platform is the one of entrepreneur, public speaker and broadcaster Marco Montemagno, whose original idea was the one of making it easy for people to access 60-minute workshops and learning sessions by accredited experts providing advises, new skills and expertise and best practice.

People that are still sceptical about whether SuperSummit might become the new benchmark for digital education and events or not, should attend in November the first event organized on the platform. Social Media, SEO & Web Marketing SuperSummit will take place from the 4th to the 29th or November, and more than 40 sessions on web communications, SEO strategies, and social media will be available for guests.

The first gathering focuses on marketing, with special sessions covering Social Media Marketing; Social Media Influence; Twitter Marketing; Social Media Management; Facebook Marketing; Mobile Marketing; Instagram Marketing; Google+ Marketing; Slideshare Marketing; Blog Marketing; Youtube/Video Marketing; Linkedin Marketing; and Content Marketing.

Beyond marketing, SuperSummit is planning for 2014 new digital gathering focusing on fashion, food, and tourism. In this way, it will be possible to offer to people working in other areas the chance to attend some professional skills courses without moving anywhere and with no wasting time. SuperSummit workshops never last more than 60 minutes, and they focus on a single topic with a pragmatic and down-to-earth approach. It is worth trying at least once, and that's why the November launch is expected to be fully booked.

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