SuperSummit Channels to be launched in January
SuperSummit Channels to be launched in January
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SuperSummit Channels to be launched in January

The brand new channels will focus on hi-tech, human resources, economics

We already talked about SuperSummit, the Italian platform launched a few months ago and aimed at changing the way in which big events are advertised and displayed online, allowing people to follow online gathering, workshops and high quality classes just looking at either desktop or mobile.

After a very successful start, SuperSummit is already engaging its followers with new ideas. In January, the Italian platform will indeed lunch new Thematic Channels. Thanks to these channels, users will be able to stay up to date on the major issues concerning, for now, technology, HR and economics, but it is expected SuperSummit might launch several others channels, soon, covering, for example, sports, fashion and design.

Each SuperSummit channel will be managed by a Curator, whose main responsibilities will be the ones of organizing the Channel schedule, inviting guests, take care of video-interviews to be later displayed online.

It is expected that thanks to weekly webinar held throughout the year, users will be able to follow updates on key issues in their professional field, without having to lose time and money for travelling around to attend face-to-face training sessions.

As it always happen for SuperSummit events, all sessions will be free to watch in livestreaming, but different premium packages will be made available for users interested in watching videos on demand, downloading materials available of the website as well as accessing other kind of benefits.

In conclusion, it might be interesting to stress that SuperSummit is also offering some job opportunities at the moment. Indeed, those users who might feel interested and qualified enough for manage a channel by themselves are welcome to apply to become a Curator.

To become a Curator, a great passion and a good network of qualified contacts on a given topic are the only things required. Every Curator will get 50% of revenue on the tickets sales and will be made available the technical platform to broadcast the webinar and will be guaranteed visibility and promotion within a network of over 50,000 professionals, with excellent positioning among SuperSummit experts network and organizational support.

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