Start&Pulse: a new “customer centric” call for European startup
Start&Pulse: a new “customer centric” call for European startup
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Start&Pulse: a new “customer centric” call for European startup

Agos and Digital Magics join hands to promote innovation

Agos and Digital Magics have recently launched Start&Pulse, their latest call for innovation addressed to all Italian and European startups. Agos and Digital Magics are two great protagonists of the Italian economic context: Agos is a financial firm leader in the provision of credit to families that has been active for 30 years and counts more than 230 branches throughout the country, while Digital Magics is the famous Italian business incubator fostering progress and innovations.

In particular, the call is devoted to all those new companies that have developed functioning prototypes and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) having the customer as their main focus with innovative processes, products and services all customer-oriented. In particular, the technologies the applicant companies should be working with are: Beacon (allowing Bluetooth devices to send and receive messages within short distances), Internet of Things (IoT), Co-Browsing (real-time visual collaboration, assisting all users via chat) and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality.

The goal of Start&Pulse is to find the best solutions to enhance the effectiveness of the connection between the companies and clients, improving the operative and commercial performances on the following areas: products and services, shopping experience and cutting-edge technology.

Layla Pavone, Digital Magics CeO, has recently commented on Start&Pulse stating that "customers are more and more at the centre of every corporate process and decision [...]and it becomes essential to know the more in terms of behaviours, preferences and habits". For this reason, Layla Pavone is convinced that Start&Pulse represents an important development opportunity to create more "customer-centric" solutions.

All interested companies can send their application by December 15th registering on a dedicated link. Only 10 teams will be selected to take part in the Pitch Day in Milan on February 14th, 2018. Among them, the best startup will be chosen as the winner, awarded with 5,000 Euros and allowed to collaborate with Agos Innovation Lab to develop the proposed project.

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