Special chairs from Sicilian 3D priters
Special chairs from Sicilian 3D priters
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Special chairs from Sicilian 3D priters

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Some very special chairs have been invented in Palermo (Sicily). Everything originated from a tailored 3D printer and later become design objects. Special chairs will be made by digital artisans' and customised according to the exigencies of every single customer.

As explained by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the early prototypes will be projected at the industrial design lab of Palermo University - directed by professor Dario Russo - in partnership with Idea training centre. Students will be active protagonists in the whole productive process in the lab. At the same time, Idea will create partnerships with physiatrists, osteopaths and physiotherapists in Sicily. Furthermore, Idea will set up an e-commerce website where customers will be able to choose among the several models of chairs and their functions.

This is not only a brilliant invention, but the project is also a great pathway towards the increase of employment rate in Sicily. This is what two Idea architects - Fabrizio Fiscelli and Fausto Giambra - believe. In fact, the production of these special chairs entails a remarkable technological know-how and can be able to inspire new start-ups in the field of design orthopaedic supports.

Special chairs will certainly impact the future conception of comfort and health: they will be useful to correct wrong postures, working a significant help in reducing the great majority of the current population affected by scoliosis.

Interestingly, the special chair is attracting more and more students at the university. Professor Russo highlighted how a great number of students are choosing this innovative tool to be the centre of their thesis, which is a very good marker of young interest towards new technologies. Undoubtedly, it is essential to use technologies in a number of field - foremost design -where the need to be trendy must be accompanied by effectiveness and functionality. For this reason, the 3D printing is still a field where new experimentations are required in order to develop all its potential.

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