Rome ready to welcome "The Innovation Week"
Rome ready to welcome "The Innovation Week"
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Rome ready to welcome "The Innovation Week"

Innovators, coders, hackers, makers, futurists and financer talking about how the future could be

From September the 28th to October the 5th, Rome will be embedded by an all-encompassing debate on innovation, "with topics ranging from Open Hardware to Social Innovation and Democracy, from City Makers in the Collaborative Economy to Open Data and Impact Finance".

Experts and leaders in innovation, including coders, hackers, and financer, are expected to gather in the Italian capital to take part to the first Italian edition of the Innovation Week as well as to the second round of the European Maker Faire Rome. Co-organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Rome and Asset Camera, the event aims at creating new connections between innovation and digital manufacturing.

Exhibitors from all over the world will unveil around 600 new inventions, from 3D printers to robots, from drones to bitcoin and futuristic startup ideas. During the week-end preceding the event a "hackaton" will be organized, with something like three hundred developers working on a new model for the perfect house in the near future.

While experts will be the protagonists of the Innovation Week, during Maker Faire all the attention will be gathered by a group of smart under 20 who successfully distinguished themselves with app or other kind of recently createdinventions .

During this pro-innovation week, a selected group of old and young leaders will have the chance to prove students, current and aspirant entrepreneurs and families that the main drivers of innovation are the interest in experimenting something new and the aptitude for sharing ideas.

The never-ending special guest list includes, among others, Cory Doctorow (writer), Samantha Cristoforetti (astronaut), Neil Harbisson (cyborg artist), Adrian Bowyer (the king of 3D printers), and Glenn Green (the surgeon who made a 3D transplant possible).

Finally, aware that the future of innovation belongs to young people, the Italian exhibition has been organized in order to welcome kids of all ages: the youngest ones will be entertained in ad hoc workshops offering special activities, while teenagers will be stimulated to join the Call4School initiative, pushing them to work on innovative projects at school.

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