Modena: the perfect place to start a new business
Modena: the perfect place to start a new business
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Modena: the perfect place to start a new business

The best synergy between economic, political and academic actors promoting new startups

Modena seems to be one the best places in Italy where to start a new business. As a matter of fact, recent figures show that 12% of innovative Italian companies were founded in Emilia Romagna. 

Here are a few examples of successful start-ups recently launched in the area. The first one is Neuronguard, which is developing a cooling collar for patients affected by traumas or ictus. Its representative, Mary Franzese declared that her company chose Modena as headquarter because of the generous financial support the region gave them.

The second one is Jdentalcare, active in dental implant. On its behalf, Giacomo Grandi proudly commented on the company success, selling in 15 countries worldwide.

Lapsy is a must in geolocalization but also logistic and access control. Its representative, Marco Malaguti highlighted the company presence in big events like Expo, where every turnstile was using their technology.

Finally Igor Spinella was able to get 1 million Euros for his company Eggtronic, specialized in the development of connection and charging methods for multiple devices. The substantial loan was given by Invitalia, the National Agency for investments attraction and companies development owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy.

When commenting the success of Modena's initiatives promoting innovative business models, Luciano Tommasi, a representative for Enel, underlined the company's  strong interest in technology more than in mere business. Furthermore, he praised the local environment in terms of the fruitful cooperation between authorities, economic actors and academic ones.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Modena is the 6th Italian province with the greater amount of innovative start-ups. There are several elements that make the territory so "fertile" for newbies. Still, as pointed out by Giuseppe Ravasi, the Ibm Italy manager of cloud ecosystem development, the most important one is the unique ecosystem, made up by an excellent combination of ideas, money, knowledge and technology.

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