Milan hosts the first Integral Smart District in Italy
Milan hosts the first Integral Smart District in Italy
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Milan hosts the first Integral Smart District in Italy

Milan4You is a new housing development model based on sustainability

It will be based in Segrate, Piotello and Vimodrone - just outside the city of Milan - in an area of 300 thousand square metres, with a building space of 90 thousand square metres surrounded by a park. Since it was conceived in order to face the great problem overcrowding in the city and the need to change the current management of the issue, Milan4You will be a completely new housing development model based on sustainability. It will be green, young, contemporary and flexible.

New houses will be built according to an integrated concept of architecture, energetic infrastructure and a hi-tech digital platform.

The minds behind the creation of this ambitious project belong to the company R.E.D. Srl in partnership with Milan Politecnico, Samsung and IBM. Milano4You is focused on the individual and his qualitative exigencies of living in a sustainable space.

The architectural concept - managed by the associate architectural firm Studio Sagnelli - does not only concern residential units but also commercial and directional ones, a nursing home for elderly people, a sport and cultural centre.

Thanks to Politecnico contribution, Milano4You will benefit from innovative energetic solutions, already implemented in Northern Europe and in Japan, such as Smart Grid, building automation, integrated solar systems and the reuse of rainwater. Furthermore, thanks to a targeted study, the experts from Politecnico have identified the best solutions to reduce the management costs of Milano4You in terms of residents' expenses.

Samsung and IBM will take care of the digital concept. Both companies will work together to create a top digital platform which will allow the use of the most modern solutions for the Internet of Things. This will be possible thanks to fibre infrastructures and fast wireless. Certainly, the smart solutions in the "home and building field will be more and more oriented towards the community", as highlighted by Flavio Polato (Head of Business Development & Professional Services, Samsung Electronics Italia), contributing to an overall improvement of the quality of life.

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