MARIE opens the door to sustainability in the Mediterranean
MARIE opens the door to sustainability in the Mediterranean
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MARIE opens the door to sustainability in the Mediterranean

The new EU-funded Project counts a number of Italian partners with Umbria in pole position

On behalf of the region, Assessor Silvano Rometti presented the projects and the activities Umbria is carrying out in order to improveenergy efficiency technologies in connection with buildings. The last developments were presented at the World Sustainable Building Conference - a worldwide event that took place in Barcelona, where Umbria received international appreciation for its achievements.

Umbria has proudly positioned itself among the partners involved in the new MARIE Project. Financed by the European Regional Development Fund, MARIE aims at co-constructing a strategy for energy efficiency improvement in existing buildings in the Mediterranean region.

This initiative can be considered as a cooperative endeavour among 23 partners spread across 9 Mediterranean countries. The Italian participation is remarkable thanks to the contribution of four regions, Umbria, Piemonte and Basilicata so as A.R.E. Liguria.

MARIE's goals mainly concern the development of a Mediterranean Building Energy Efficiency Strategy (MEDBEES).To achieve this target, a great variety of actions has been planned, such as designing tools for the renewal of energy installations in buildings; sharing of knowledge regarding the energy consumption of households; support for local industries and renewable materials; promotion of environmentally sustainable equipment; integration of the supply of services related to the energy sector and R&D initiatives.

MARIE considers local businesses as a core element of its plan since they constitute the essential unit of Mediterranean economic system. In particular SMEs, which need to be  equipped with appropriate products and services for energy renovation of buildings. On this purpose, resources will be allocated via regional investment programmes.

From the political point of view, MARIE has aligned its objectives with the EU's ones and calls its partners to develop and adopt the necessary regulatory requirements and institutional tools to achieve the goals established by the new European Directive (EPBD, October 2012).

The success is not guaranteed but the fact that Mediterranean countries - with a great focus on Italy - are moving towards sustainability is definitely a positive input for a change.

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