Mamacrowd: where investors meet innovative startups
Mamacrowd: where investors meet innovative startups
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Mamacrowd: where investors meet innovative startups

The new Italian crowdfundig platform boosting up national entrepreneurship

Mamacrowd is the new equity crowdfunding platform launched by SiamoSoci, the Italian leader company matching investors with startups. It was founded by nine professionals, promoting an alternative way of investing in non-quoted companies, raising awareness in investors who are assisted by a support team.

The new platform aims at facilitating investments in innovative companies, tailoring its offer on the investors' profile. In fact, in order to overcome the main obstacles relating to the risks of financing new businesses, Mamacrowd selects a group of companies, giving the chance to its clients to invest in the group, along with maintaining their support for a single company.

The holding Club Italia Investimenti 2 (CII2) was chosen as the best example to inaugurate Mamacrowd. In 2013, CII2 devoted 5 Million Euros to innovative startups, having a portfolio of 64 companies. The latters are active in several fields, such as food, technology and tourism. Some examples of societies supported by CII2 are Antlos (boat tourism), Le Cicogne (a baby-sitting platform active in more than 80 cities), Gnammo (social eating) and Oilproject (the biggest free school online).

Danilo Giudici, SiamoSoci CEO, has defined Mamacrowd a "tool that let people access a world very hard to get into. Everybody can invest now in innovative companies, creating value, employment and boosting Italian entrepreneurship".

From April 15th, users have started registering their profiles online to receive all the info needed. Once the investor has registered, he will get full access to the projects collecting capital. After the bank transfer is done, the investor will become one of the associates. There is a limit to the investments that is 500 Euros per operation and 1000 Euros per year. Nevertheless, the threshold can be raised under certain conditions. All startups interested in posting their projects on the platform will have to go under an application and evaluation procedure.

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