Maker Faire comes back in its 5th edition
Maker Faire comes back in its 5th edition
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Maker Faire comes back in its 5th edition

Rome opens its doors to innovation

Fiera di Roma will host the 5th edition of Maker Faire - the biggest European event on business innovation - taking place from December 1st until 3rd. The Faire, promoted by Rome Chamber of Commerce and by Innova Camera, will attract to the Italian capital the best of innovation from all over the world.

This year, the event will have seven pavilions (one more compared to last year) all devoted to professionals using digital culture, but also to families and children passionate about innovation and the digital world.

Simplicity and a practical approach will again characterize the event, aimed at leading the visitors throughout a productive process showing how the information flow contributes to effectiveness in all fields, from logistics to the supply chain, security and product customization.

Many attractive themes characterize this 5th edition of Maker Faire Rome, ranging from the internet of things to digital manufacture, foods of the future and smart mobility. While for the visitors the Fair will be a great chance to discover innovations able to change our lives, for the makers (mostly entrepreneurs and startuppers) the Faire will be a springboard for the launch of their innovative products and to scout new talents.

Generally speaking, makers are all those people passionate about technology, educators, thinkers, inventors, engineers, authors, artists, students, chefs, artisans and all those who are able to create and surprise others thanks to their ideas. The Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci is considered the first maker in history.

Maker Faire Rome is also a place where interesting contests are sponsored. The contests proposed for the 5th edition are My Sustainable City (aimed at improving the quality of life in the cities), Make to Care (aimed at improving the life of people affected by any sort of disability) and Play It Easy (aimed at increasing the participation in sport events). More information on the event are available at the dedicated website.

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