Jobyourlife: a leader in Italian professional network scenario
Jobyourlife: a leader in Italian professional network scenario
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Jobyourlife: a leader in Italian professional network scenario

The successful story of a young company with a young leader

Jobyourlife is the new successful startup helping people finding a job. The company, founded in Italy four years ago, has today 25 employees divided between the two headquarters in Milan and Cagliari and stands out as a great professional network active in Italy.

One of Jobyourlife main strengths is its effectiveness. In fact, compared to other professional platforms like Linkedin, it has fewer updates to be done. This is a remarkable advantage because users find the platform always active instead of reading that tedious notice "work in progress, sorry for the inconvenient".

In addition, Jobyourlife is very useful also through its section "news", devoted to tips for a perfect job interview, several reportages on labour market tendencies and interviews to the opinion leaders.

Andrea De Spirt, 27 years old from Venice, is the young CEO and founder of Jobyourlife. During an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera Mr De Spirt has proudly commented on the achievements of his company: "In 4 years only, we were able to create something I would have never dreamt of. We managed to facilitate more than 150.000 job interviews and we reached 1 million users. This is just extraordinary!".

Mr De Spirt was also happy to acknowledge that, in a very short time, Jobyourlife has become the greatest professional network in Italy and made by Italians, assisting a lot of people in job seeking. De Spirt's ambition has not stopped and he wants to grow more. For this reason, the company has recently increased its capital, adding 600.000 Euros to the existing amount.

Last but not least, Jobyourlife has been identified as one of the most talented recruiting companies at the European level. This nomination has fostered a new commitment for Jobyourlife to create new services devoted to companies to improve the actual recruiting dynamics. Besides that, Jobyourlife also aims at expanding its activity abroad and it is already looking at Russian job market.

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