Italy renovates its transport system thanks to the European Union
Italy renovates its transport system thanks to the European Union
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Italy renovates its transport system thanks to the European Union

A new wave of EU funds to make transports effective and sustainable

The European Commission has issued two regimes supporting Italian transport system, giving a substantial help to improve it and make it more sustainable. In particular, the communitarian intervention aims at encouraging the transit of goods from road to rail and sea. This goal is in line with the European Union (EU) policies concerning environment and transports, seeking more sustainable ways. In addition, these measures will help Italy achieve the communitarian standards in the transports and environment field while enhancing its competitiveness in the market.

The first measure is called "Regime in favour of the rail transport of goods" and it is worth 225 million euros. Its main aim is to encourage rail transport of goods, as less polluting than road transports. Furthermore, diminishing road transports will also have a positive impact on traffic and congestion, facilitating mobility. For these reasons, rail transports will be strongly encouraged through concrete aids to rail companies active in goods transports. A great amount of this money will be devoted to southern Italy, where infrastructures are still less effective than the North. In line with the Regime, beneficiaries can obtain financial aids aimed at reducing the burdens of infrastructures and the external costs for the operators of rail transports.

The second measure is called Marebonus and it comes with 138 million euros. This measure aims at promoting maritime transports rather than road ones and it is in line with the EU guidelines concerning state aids to maritime transporters. Once again, this set of measures wants to discourage road transports as more polluting and traffic generating compared to maritime ones. The economic support provided will encourage the birth of new effective maritime transport systems, along with improving the existing ones. All new measures will be eco-friendly and sustainable.

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