Italian startups aim global
Italian startups aim global
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Italian startups aim global

Young talents are ready to compete on an international scale

#Nonsiamounastartup (#Wearenotastartup) may become the new slogan of Italian innovation. Ex startuppers, who have now evolved in the next stage of their business, have decided to share their experience with a team of young startuppers. Much support (and advice) arrived from some of the sector's most successful entrepreneurs. This initiative was promoted by Corriere della Sera for the launch of  "Tempo di connessioni" (Time of connecting), their new quarterly published booklet, which tells the story of Italy through its innovative projects.

The experienced entrepreneurs encouraged the younger generation of startuppers to believe in their projects and have the courage to think big: "pursuing your ideas is a full time job that requires a lot of commitment and effort. For this reason, you need to aim at going global," stated in the occasion Ruggero Frezza, who left the safe academic environment to invest in M31, an incubator for promising business ideas. According to the speakers, the lack of money is not the main problem of Italian startups. In fact, there are hot capitals in the world, which can be attracted with strategy and a good business plan.

"Italian startuppers represent the very present of Italian reality and bureaucracy needs to be trimmed to foster the creation of new enterprises," explained to Il Corriere della Sera Riccardo Donadon, President of Italia Startup. Italy seams to have the right resources and especially exceptional talented young entrepreneurs to win global competition. Some example of this pulsating reality are Zehus, a startup who revolutionized the world of bicycles with Bike+ and for that was awarded most innovative startup at Cina Cycle 2014, an important international bicycle tradeshow in Shanghai. "We Have The Future" is a summer program gathering the best commerce students and making them work together to come up with innovative projects.

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