Italian landlords’ new partner: Sweetguests
Italian landlords’ new partner: Sweetguests
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Italian landlords’ new partner: Sweetguests

A new Italian way to short-term rent

Sweetguest is the perfect partner for those people involved in short-term rent.

Sweetguest is a brand new Italian startup, founded only 6 months ago. In such a little time, the platform was able to manage 2.400 bookings, more than 6.000 guests and it is consolidating its role as the great partner for landlords who decide to enter the "short-term rent world".

Sweetguest founder is Rocco Lomazzi, 28 years old, with a strong background in the real-estate market, passionate about travels. During Expo 2015, he managed a couple of apartments in Milan for short-term rent and then he studied the algorithm behind the main short-term rent platforms. Together with Edoardo Grattirola, Sweetguest co-founder, and a team of young programmers they founded the innovative startup.

The idea came out a widespread issue: Italian landlords mostly consider long-term rent as a problem rather than a good thing. It is a risk to rent a house, in fact only a few people still sign the conventional rent contract of 4 years, plus 4 more optional ones.

Furthermore, in a period of 24 months, the landlord only earns in the first 18 months. The housekeeping and maintenance jobs are to be done and they are usually quite expensive. In addition, in one year, landlords usually have from 1 to 3 months in which the house is vacant and the have to find a new tenant, losing their rent.

Sweetguest is a tool to let landlords earn more. Its use is very simple: the landlord contacts Sweetguest through the website ( to get a free quote for the house he wants to rent. Once the platform confirms the adequacy of the house, the landlord should not worry about anything else. In fact, Sweetguest staff will start performing a number of actions that make the house performing and attracting, such as a photo shoot highlighting the beauty of the place.

Sweetguest is also a great tool to attract tourists in areas less known of the beautiful Italian peninsula, in order to increase tourism and boost the economy.

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