Italian companies look at “green”
Italian companies look at “green”
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Italian companies look at “green”

The successful case of Ambiente SPA

Ambiente SPA is a great example of successful Italian green economy. It has created an innovative system able to re-use tonnes of wastes. Only in 2016, 120 thousands of recycled wastes were retrieved improving the quality of life of the interested areas.

The company has 20 optic selectors able to identify and treat the wastes, mostly out of paper, cardboard, metal, wood and glass. Ambiente SPA is based in Campania and has already won the prize "Premio Sviluppo Sostenibile" for its system, created thanks to the collaboration with an international team of companies. Among them, Green Energy Holding Spa having more than 180 employees and with more than 30 years of activity.

The system stands out as the most innovative in Europe. It is able to retrieve 12 kinds of plastic materials, selecting them also by colour. Furthermore, located in Southern Italy, the plant has improved the quality of life of 120 municipalities, serving a population of 1 million and 700 thousand inhabitants.

Besides its love and protection for the environment, Ambiente SPA is also active in the field of corporate social responsibility. The company has established several partnerships also with schools, which were able to visit the plant and explore the types of machinery. Over 5 thousand students had the chance to know more about the wide world of recycling. At the same time, the company performed the role of education body, showing the students the great potential of recycling.

Angelo Bruscino, the administrator of the holding controlling Ambiente SPA, has recently announced that the company will also be a partner of the University Suor Orsola Benincasa, which is now hosting a course in Circular Economy. The next achievement Ambiente SPA looks at is the creation of raw material from wastes, establishing a real eco-district in the heart of Italian Mezzogiorno.

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