Introducing the winners of the 2016 edition of Car Innovation
Introducing the winners of the 2016 edition of Car Innovation
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Introducing the winners of the 2016 edition of Car Innovation

New scenarios for the automotive field

The call for ideas was launched by the engineering consultancy company Euro Engineering and the business incubator Digital Magics, attracting startups active in the field of automotive, with a specific focus on autonomous vehicles, entertainment on board and IT security. 12 companies with their cutting-edge projects have been awarded afterwards.

Among them, BerMat, asoftware and hardware platform for the creation of personalized cars, in terms of design, interiors and performances.

BRAIN One stood out as the first smart telemetry for action sports. Its main market will be motorcycling. The company was awarded with Euro Engineering's mentoring together with two months of business incubation with Digital Magics. The same incubation time was given to CarMe, a software service platform, active in fleet management, car sharing and car pooling.

DriWe has transformed electric mobility into a feasible way of moving around the city, thanks to an integrated hardware/software suite, while Easy Rain hascontributed to enhance the security of cars. In fact, it has launched a system able to eliminate the exceeding water between the tyres and the asphalt, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Egoista Motoris is the first single-seat launched in its electric or hybrid version, keeping a low cost profile while Kiunsys' is outstanding to smart mobility. In fact, it makes traffic in the city more bearable thanks to smart parking and city logistic solutions.

MDPTech invented iTec, the innovative control system for industrial and commercial vehicles but also for agricultural machines. In parallel, CommuteBoard has launched the first electric scooter for urban mix-commuting, easy to transport and rechargeable from the car. Speaking about batteries, SHU is an innovative support system to recharge electric vehicles using wind turbines.Also Spin8 is active in the recharge system, providing a service accessible also from smartphone.

Finally, Unlimited Car Communication has come out with an innovative app that reads out loud to the driver the messages he receives on his smart phone from emails and social networks.

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