Introducing Alimenta2Talent winners
Introducing Alimenta2Talent winners
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Introducing Alimenta2Talent winners

The startups’ competition has awarded 5 innovative projects

Alimenta2Talent, the international programme awarding innovative startups, has now come to its third edition. The winning businesses have all ground-breaking projects in different fields of agrifood, focusing on digital technologies to reduce wastes.

Alimenta2Talent was launched by Lodi Science Park and its 2016 edition was hosted by Milan. Five winning business ideas were selected by a commission of experts out of 100 applications. They will be part of the acceleration programme, along with receiving economic support and technical consultancy for six months. In details, these are the winners' profiles.

Heli-Lab SRL Agri-Dron stands out as a low cost solution to employ drones in agriculture. It works to collect data and transmit it to the ad hoc electronic device (notebook, smartphone, tablet) through the Internet.

Rigenery SRL is active in the field of Research and Development (R&D) and in the production of vegetable goods processed through the Holoil System. The latter transforms raw materials into chemical-medical ones, used for both veterinary and human medication purposes.

HTC Bio Innovation transforms vegetable wastes into a product (known as Greenpeat) that improves plants growth and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and water. Greenpeat is very sustainable because it uses wastes and it has a very low environmental impact.

Italbugs SRL is an innovative project based on insect livestock to produce raw materials later used in the feed and food sector.

Finally, MOGU (Mycoplast SRL) was founded in 2015 with the objective of elaborating and commercializing a technology fostering the industrial production of goods made out of innovative bio-materials, such as mushrooms. MOGU products can be used in several fields, like packaging. Also bio-architecture can employ MOGU materials to build soundproof panels and decorative elements.

Local authorities enthusiastically welcomed the competition. In fact, Cristina Tajani (Milan Council Member for Job, Economic Development, University and Research) has commented on Alimenta2Talent third edition, defining huge participation of new innovative startups as the "evidence of young people's desire to become entrepreneurs", launching a successful business project.

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