Innovation and sustainability in Italian food and agriculture
Innovation and sustainability in Italian food and agriculture
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Innovation and sustainability in Italian food and agriculture

That’s the goal of Future Food

Future Food is the call for innovation launched by the business incubator Digital Magics in collaboration with the bank group Intesa San Paolo. The call specifically addressed to all innovative startups in the food and agricultural sector.

Several ground-breaking business projects were presented during the competition and the winners were absolutely brilliant. Among them, 3Bee created a hi-tech beehive able to monitor the vital parameters of bees and to collect the relevant data on a cloud. Also, Agricolus is quite outstanding since it transforms agriculture into a precision business, analysing data coming from satellite, drones, sensors, GPS, identifying what kinds of interventions are required for specific fields, optimising plantations.

Cooki is a great tool for recipes and allergens devoted to those who make and sell food. The device facilitates the job a lot by calculating the calories, printing labels and menus and elaborating the recipes book.

Those interested in alternative food might find Alma Eureka quite innovative. The project is about the livestock edible insects in Italy, creating a chain where the insects can be fed with scraps of local products. Despite the adventurous character of the project, it is definitely very sustainable.

Also, the Cesarine is a beautiful idea. It is a network of housewives cooks, very talented, who have a great passion for traditional cuisine. They are happy to host food events at their house based on local recipes.

From a different perspective, MyCheffy is the web platform offering the service of a home delivery chef. The client is able to choose the menu and he will then have a chef coming to his place with all necessary tools to cook the chosen menu.

Drinks are also included in innovative business projects. An example is WeBeers, the e-commerce used to find out what are the best beers and the most exclusive breweries.

In total, 16 projects were finalists and they represent a great wave of innovation for the food and agricultural sector in Italy.

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