Hyperloop: the new high-performing train of the future
Hyperloop: the new high-performing train of the future
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Hyperloop: the new high-performing train of the future

A new generation supersonic train build with the support of Italian technology

Hyperloop, the new generation supersonic train, will connect Cleveland to Chicago, driving at the speed of the sound 500 km in 28 minutes, at about 1.200 km an hour. Hyperloop is a capsule suspended within a low pressure tube. As a plane in high altitude, the capsule faces less resistance and it is able to reach the outstanding speed of 1200 km/h with minimum energy consumption.

Hyperloop system was conceived as highly sustainable: the tubes are built on pylons in order to reduce the costs of land and to assure the isolation from environmental conditions. Pylons also make the structure earthquake proof and self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT/ HyperloopTT) has recently signed an agreement with Northeast Ohio Coordination Agency and the Illinois Transport Department which kicks off the feasibility study for the first interstate connection of Hyperloop in the USA. HyperloopTT, based in Los Angeles, has an Italian heart: the Italian Bipop G. Gresta is HyperloopTT co-founder and the company is 100% controlled by Jumpstarter, an investee company by Digital Magics, the most important Italian business incubator.

HyperloopTT, together with a group of representatives from the US Congress, sent a letter to the US President Donald Trump to ask for the public financial support for this initiative. Bipop is very enthusiast about this initiative and has declared: "These agreements mark a special moment in the history of HyperloopTT. For the first time, an American state is investing in our technology, which will change the way of conceiving transports".

Also Gabriele Ronchini, Digital Magics founder and CEO, has expressed his excitement for Hyperloop: "In 5 years only, more than 800 people have worked on this visionary project throughout the world...HyperloopTT produced 27 patents and concluded 8 governmental agreements together with 40 partnerships for the development of technology".

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