Huawei chooses Italy to open its first European flagship store
Huawei chooses Italy to open its first European flagship store
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Huawei chooses Italy to open its first European flagship store

Interesting employment opportunities offered by the Chinese company

This Italian opening of Huawei first European flagship store certainly confirms the strategic role of Italy for the well-established Chinese company and its will to keep investing in the country. In fact, Huawei's growth in Italy has been extremely remarkable over the last few years and led the company to become the second most demanded smartphone brand in the Belpaese.

For this reason, the Huawei is willing to stay closer to Italian consumers. The new flagship store will open on 30th November 2017 and it will be located in the prestigious CityLife Business & Shopping District in Milan, based on sustainability, design and vanguard architecture.

The new Huawei opening mirrors a new concept of store, intended as an "experience hub". There, visitors will not only have the chance to check out the last releases of the brand but they will live an experience through a direct and interactive contact with the company and its products.

The need of setting up not a simple store but an experience hub is also impacting the recruitment process, which is meant to be surprising and innovative. Huawei, in collaboration with some retail agencies, will directly go to the field, talking with its new potential collaborators through some activities in the iconic sites of Milan. More specifically, the recruitment campaigning will take place from October 1st until 8th.

In total, the company is now looking for 8 new employees covering the following positions: Store Manager, Vice Store Manager, Senior Clerk and Junior Clerk. Once recruited, the 8 young talent will attend a training course for a month, including a final trip to China to have a more direct contact with the company, its products and innovations.

More information on the recruitment process are available online at the dedicated website. People interested should definitely hurry and try to get their chance to work in this innovative Chinese group.

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