Fluidmesh: Italian technology conquers America
Fluidmesh: Italian technology conquers America
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Fluidmesh: Italian technology conquers America

Brilliant minds and effective technology, all Made in Italy

Fluidmesh is a virtuous example of Italian skills employed in Italy. Made up by brilliant Italian minds trained abroad, the technology underlying the innovative startup impacts the Wi-Fi world. The company offers a very fast system of data and images transmission, very much appreciated not only in Europe but also in the States, where the company finds its roots.

As explained by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Cosimo Malesci, the developer of the technology employed by Fluidmesh, graduated from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in oceanographic engineering and his dream was to build submarines. Later on, he changed his mind towards another field.

In partnership with his brother Umberto (also a MIT graduate) and Andrea Orioli (graduated in IT from Milano Politecnico), they developed the innovative Wi-Fi technology launching Fouidmesh. The company started in the United States, where the founders got their first important contacts and funds.

Interestingly, Fluidmesh first experience was a failure since the idea was financed by the MIT annual competition. Nevertheless, the founders did not give up to their dream and continued to look for support on their own. Their great motivation led them to get the economic support needed and to develop their idea, which became very much appreciated. Today, all 36 ferries operative in New York are connected to the mainland through Fluidmesh systems.

The brilliant Italian technology is also used by San Francisco Bay railway system (BART). Furthermore, given its great performances underground, Fluidmesh services were used by 2 mines in Colombia and Peru.

If these achievements might seem great, the most important one is still to be mentioned. Namely, Fluidmesh founders were proud to be partners with the US giant Cisco Systems, offering services to companies. Fluidmesh was chosen by Cisco System even in comparison with Motorola, which is enough to state the outstanding quality of the project.

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