Fluentify, the Italian startup for languages
Fluentify, the Italian startup for languages
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Fluentify, the Italian startup for languages

80 tutors and 10,000 students learning English on a simple but innovative online platform

Which is the best way to learn a language? Well, we have all been raised thinking that there is only one answer to this question: spend some time abroad, living in the country where that particular language is spoken.

In May 2013, an Italian startup cofounded by Matteo Avalle, Andrea Passadori, Giacomo Moiso and Claudio Bosco decided to bet on another strategy: learning a foreign language at home, with the help of a mother-tongue tutor. This is when Fluentify was created, aimed at promoting an effective, simple and natural way to learn new skills.

The language startup was created in London, and it took only a few months for this new initiative to gather interest and attention from a various group of future clients and fellows. In February 2014, Fluentify potential was recognized by Mediobanca Executive Chairman Stefano Marsaglia, who invested £250,000 in the new language platform.

Fluentify is based on a simple but innovative approach bringing together good English tutors and students. The platform also manages simple payment and easy scheduling methods, and offers amazing video meeting tools. The only things students have to do are creating their (free) profile; find the tutor they like the most, based on accent, experience, interests and availability; set a convenient time for practice; book the session and pay for it.

Fluentify is perfect also for people interested in learning English for specific purposes, as tutors have different skills and specializations. Business English, Technical English, Scientific English, Legal English, English for academics, for journalists, for specific interviews and tourism are some of the options available. Each session last 30 minutes, and costs swing from 7 to 15 euro.

Fluentify is growing so rapidly that it recently decided to open a new hub in Italy, hiring and training twenty new employees during the next ten months. Fluentify managing team believes that Italy is full of young talents with outstanding skills, and this is the main reason why they decided to invest there, strengthening Fluentify platform with the help of local back-end developers, graphic and web designers, offering them the chance to grow in an extremely innovative and stimulating context. Fluentify counts 80 tutors and more than 10,000 students right now, and the warm welcome it received by the market will surely help the company to keep on growing at a very high speed.

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