Ernst & Young study praising Italian "smart cities"
Ernst & Young study praising Italian "smart cities"
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Ernst & Young study praising Italian "smart cities"

A zoom on Italian urban panorama

The worldwide professional network Ernst & Young has recently released the report "Smart City Index", analysing 116 Italian cities using over 470 indicators. As recalled by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, a "Smart City" is a place that offers its citizens a great variety of services to better live their city," highlights Andrea Paliani, Ernst & Young partner.

Mr. Paliani also added "Italy can be proud of having more than 100 cities that can be considered as sources of best practices and exportable models."In particular, there are three aspects that make a city "smart", i.e. connectivity, services and collaboration.

From a recent survey, it has emerged that among the most popular smart services required by the citizenship there are traffic sensors (to be informed on the local traffic situation) and an energetic consumption comparison with the neighbours. Results show that Bologna is the smartest Italian city, followed by Milan and Turin, surprisingly finding small Mantua in 4th position. Several elements make Bologna efficient. Among them, the new webapp Mimuovo useful to consult public transports timetables and routes real time. Milan has gained more points over Turin thanks to Expo2015, while Rome has lost a lot of positions, going down from the 4th to the 9th position.

The South of Italy seems to be quite disadvantaged in the rank, having Sicilian main cities at the bottom. Nevertheless, Puglia emerges for its talent of being the Italian region where most of renewable energies are produced. Worth mentioning is the city of Pordenone, standing out as an excellent smart city. In fact, the urban centre can be proud of its 80% waste collected and differentiated. In spite of the delay compared to other European states, Italian cities have come a long way. In fact, 70% of Italian municipalities offer a service of "sharing mobility" and Italy ranks 3rd in the world chart for the number of houses advertised on Airbnb.

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