CaptoGlove, the Italian revolutionary tool
CaptoGlove, the Italian revolutionary tool
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CaptoGlove, the Italian revolutionary tool

An amazing hi-tech glove to be used in virtual realities and hospitals

CaptoGlove is a new Italian start-up which has become very popular in the Silicon Valley.  The founder conceived the hi-tech glove to help his father who lost the use of his hands after an accident. The experimentation phase lasted 5 years and CaptoGlove finally debuted on the market in 2017, winning the public of the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) and CES 2017, the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every year in Las Vegas.

The glove is able to control videogames, smartphones, programs set in virtual realities, drones and electrical appliances through Bluetooth. CaptoGlove use is not only limited to entertainment but also involves the medical field. In fact, thanks to the special glove, doctors can train on surgeries and other activities involving manual skills. After all, "human hand is the best controller of the world", as highlighted by Danilo Campisi, marketing expert who manages CaptoGlove communication department. CaptoGlove is also very useful in the field of rehabilitation, supporting the advanced Italian method Perfetti. The Glove tracks the moving of fingers and it is able to assess the progress made by the patient.

Some of the most outstanding features of CaptoGlove are: its compatibility with any video game, iOS system, Android, Visori VR and all other tools having to support Bluetooth; it can perform up to 20 actions (40 with 2 gloves) and the charge last up to 10 hours with a continuous use. Furthermore, CaptoGlove can be washed without removing any sensor. Also, the design of the ground-breaking glove is exceptional since it was conceived by the famous Italian company Reusch, a leader in the field of sports gloves.

CaptoGlove is now on the market also online, through the platform Kickstarter. In order to encourage the sales, the amazing Glove will be sold to the early backers for the special price of 160 dollars. The normal price after the special deal will be about 250 dollars.

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