Brilliant inventions shaking up the food sector, in Italy
Brilliant inventions shaking up the food sector, in Italy
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Brilliant inventions shaking up the food sector, in Italy

Digital artisans foster a new technological wave in cuisine at the 2015 Maker Faire

Once again, the 2015 Maker Faire - recently held in Rome - surprised its visitors with innovative tools binding cuisine and technology. The event dedicated to digital artisans displayed a number of ground-breaking inventions. Among them we certainly find Amalettomat. Made up of recycled materials and conceived by the Austrian Zwax, the crepes maker fulfils all the tasks of a chef, cooking the mixture, spreading Nutella and rolling the crepe at the end.

In addition, we find Choc-o-mat - the robot pastry chef - which consists in a kit to decorate cakes, printing creams, after having decided the desired shape.

Part of the crew was also the Smart Cork System. Created by the Italian Bag Unit, it is able to communicate with the user - through the coloured LEDs or the ad hoc app - the content sealed, whether it is still good or not. Thanks to its sensors, the smart cork can analyse all liquids preventing "bad surprises".

Along with the very special cork, we find the fully Italian Smart Drinking Machine, the bartender robot. It is enough to position the bottles under its spouts and give it the order through the specific app.

For the DIY lovers, Open ArdBir represented a great alternative to commercial beer since it allows making the homemade one, monitoring each step. In particular, it is an open source platform based on Arduino that automatizes the whole process.

By the same token, it is also possible to make homemade vinegar. Thanks to Faceto, users will be able to produce their own vinegar, starting from wine leftovers.

In the same occasion, the Politecnico in Turin presented SelfYo. It makes delicious frozen yoghurt, decorating it as well, also tracking orders and the stock of ingredients.

Last but not least, Orticale stands out as the vertical robotic garden. It provides an equal distribution of water and lights to all the plants involved, occupies a very reduced space where it is possible to grow both greens and herbs.

Once again, the brilliant inventors are all Italians.

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