Brandon Ferrari opens a new office in Naples
Brandon Ferrari opens a new office in Naples
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Brandon Ferrari opens a new office in Naples

The South of Italy as the new economic engine of the successful online distributor

Brandon Ferrari - the online distributor founded in 2012 by the young startupper Paola Marzario - is opening a headquarter in Naples in order to push small and medium Italian companies (PMI) towards e-commerce.  This new pole would be a space of co-working to foster innovation and where the startups will have the chance to create synergies, share experiences and create new business opportunities.

"In the last year, the Southern companies that have worked with us registered a 50% increase in their sales volume", declared Paola Marzario, giving a clear insight of the possibilities of economic growth.  Brandon Ferrari and its partners are bond by a contract of exclusivity lasting between 6 months and one year. During this time, it accompanies and supports Italian companies active in fashion, design and food within the e-commerce scenario. It selects popular brands and manages their sale campaigns on line and worldwide. In 2014, the distributor took care of 770 campaigns and 30 Southern Italian companies (such as Marinella, Francesca Ferrante, Giorgia & Johns) decided to trust Brandon Ferrari. The outcome was glorious: they represented 25% of the total turnover.

Naples offices will be located inside the 18th century Palazzo Ischitella in the city historical centre. This opening will have a positive impact on the context in terms of new jobs,  innovation and best practiced sharing among companies involved in digital economy.  By the same token, Naples represents a strategic location since it is close to two important industrial areas. The first is San Giuseppe Vesuviano fashion-textile district while the second is the CIS in Nola. The latter is the European biggest pole for wholesale commerce, hosting 300 companies active in 90 different sectors.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that his idea turned out to be very successful. A clear evidence is the fact that - only after 2 years from its foundation - Brandon Ferrari entered the Italian Billionaire top 10.

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