Bikee Bike and KissMyBike within Tretino’s flourishing bike economy
Bikee Bike and KissMyBike within Tretino’s flourishing bike economy
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Bikee Bike and KissMyBike within Tretino’s flourishing bike economy

Italian green and virtuous examples of promoting cycle tourism

Italian green turn in favour of sustainability is evident thanks to a number of initiatives spread all over the territory. A virtuous example is the Trentino region with its flourishing bike economy. The term refers to the business deriving from cycle tourism, along with the related startups.

"Trentino counts 450km of bike paths and almost a double number of downhill paths and lanes", Mauro Casotto (Trentino Development Operational Supervision) explained. That is way new companies related to bikes have been funded and encouraged also with two thematic hubs devoted to green mechatronics.

Bikee Bike and KissMyBike are two examples of new startups born thanks to Trentino Sviluppo. Bikee Bike has launched an electric engine that can be quickly installed on the bike. The engine uses the new technology "mid-drive" improving the vehicle performances up to 58% on hills. Thanks to the innovative system used, a smaller engine is able to assure better performances and to help cyclists in arduous paths. Furthermore, the company thought about every detail, coming out in three different power versions: 250W for Europe, 500W for Switzerland and Canada, 749W and 999W for the American market.

Bikee Bike founders are two Italian brothers from Reggio Emilia, who have already received a number of prizes for their invention. The most relevant awards are the Ford prize (2016) as "best automotive startup", the "Italian mechatronic prize" (2016) and the "EdisonPulse Prize" for the category low carbon city.

With regard to KissMyBike, it stands out as a great idea of three young startuppers graduated from the University of Trento. Tired to secure their bikes with a padlock, they invented a way to indicate the theft and to locate the bike. KissMyBike system is invisible, ultra-compact and able to locate the bike both indoor and outdoor. The innovative startup also offers assistance for the legal claim of the vehicle.

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