AppTripper: Go Where Your Heart Takes You
AppTripper: Go Where Your Heart Takes You
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AppTripper: Go Where Your Heart Takes You

The Innovative Italian App For Smartphones Arranging Cultural Tours According To The Visitor’s Mood

Recently launched, AppTripper is conquering tourists and visitors all over the world coming to Europe. Defined as a touristic guide and a social App for smartphones, it allows you to travel through emotions, interactive maps, innovative contents, descriptive notes, photos, audio-guides, stories and legends.

As an emotional guide, it suggests cultural paths according to the specific mood of the moment. It is enough to click on the «emoticon» that at that particulat time represents you most and the App will lead you through the places in the city where you are that suit you best.

The first site that decided to test this innovative  services for the tourism & travel industry was Naples. Afterwards, the Uffizi Gallery (Florence), Duomo d'Orvieto and Turin Municipality all signed agreements with the AppTripper team.

A successful new element is the Uffizi Game Guide that bonds tourism to game. Visitors - especially the Americans - have very much appreciated it as demonstrated by 10 thousand downloads in USA and Italy. It is a "Perfect mix between Educational e Gaming", explained Sebastiano Deva in quality of AppTripper's CEO.

So far, it is possible to explore the following cities: Rome, Florence, Turin, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Perugia, Genoa, Venice, Barcelona, Paris, London, Istanbul, Munich, Prague, Bruxelles and Berlin.

In addition, about 80% of the sites suggested by Apptripper is free to visit. The emotional tours point out museums, gardens, historical cemeteries and building, works of art and famous writers' and artists' houses. Furthermore, it is possible to identify examples of modern and contemporary architecture, public parks and archaeological sites.

The entire path can be followed on the main social networks. Users have the chance to share photos, post comments (also vocal ones) and write about their experience in order to keep friends and followers always up-to-date!

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