An Italian initiative to support young entrepreneurs
An Italian initiative to support young entrepreneurs
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An Italian initiative to support young entrepreneurs

In Italy, the project will be known as Up to Youth

Youth Business International (YBI) and City Foundation are two protagonists in helping young entrepreneurs. YBI stands out as a global network of no-profit organizations that helps young people developing their business ideas. In particular, it provides mentoring, access to credit, training and other support services. To date, the group has already helped over 100.000 young entrepreneurs launching their companies. With regard to City Foundation, it promotes economic progress and the improvement of life conditions in the communities where it operates.

The two have recently launched the European project Expanding Youth Economic Opportunities through Entrepreneurship.

The initiative is aimed at providing entrepreneurial training to 5.500 youngsters, helping them creating 1700 companies. These results would help fighting unemployment and creating economic sustainable development.

Worth mentioning is also that the project will touch several countries, such Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Swiss in order to share experiences and best practices.

Furthermore, a recent report form City Foundation and the Economist has revealed that 79% of young people living in big European cities would like to become entrepreneurs. Similar projects were already carried out in Latin America and they turned out to be pretty successful.

In Italy, this initiative was re-baptised Up to Youth and it will be implemented by the non-profit organization PerMicroLab Onlus together with its vast array of partners, both private and public. The group has the specific goal of promoting micro-credit, assist the creation of new companies and avoid usury.

Up to Youth will impact about 1000 youngsters (form 18 to 35 years old) having business ideas. In addition, 1500 young people will have the chance to be in contact with skilled mentors to advice them in their business plans and 1200 will have access to miro-credit. Participants will have the chance to take part in a free training course to be held in the following cities: Bari, Catania, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Padua, Rome and Turin.

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