A Roadshow to spot Italian industrial excellences
A Roadshow to spot Italian industrial excellences
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A Roadshow to spot Italian industrial excellences

Confindustria and ELITE committed to identifying Italian best companies

A very special roadshow has been launched by Confindustria, the lead organization representing the manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation, ITC, tourism and services industries in Italy. The aim of the roadshow is the one of selecting the best Italian companies through 30 stops throughout the country.

The project was launched in partnership with ELITE, a community made up of more than 600 companies in 25 countries, representing 36 sectors of activity. ELITE was founded in 2012 as the international programme of the Italian Stock Market devoted to the most ambitious companies to enhance their competitiveness. To do so, ELITE offers economic support, and services together with shared knowledge and best practices.

The roadshow will select the best companies in the country nominated to enter ELITE in 2017. In each stop-over of the roadshow, Confindustria companies will have the chance to be introduced to ELITE leaders, who appeared very enthusiastic about the initiative. Luca Peyrano - ELITE CEO - recently declared "We are strongly convinced about the importance of selecting excellent companies around the world and to support them...with regard to the Italian market, we are proud to partner with such a great organization as Confindustria."

MMrPeyrano also mentioned the several ambitious goals he has in common with Confindustria national president, Mr Vincenzo Boccia. He also commented on the initiative, declaring his great appreciation for ELITE as an outstanding partner "able to push companies to step forward and improve their performances on national and international markets".

Confindustria and ELITE both share the aim of increasing the number of companies included in the programme, reaching at least 1000 by 2018. All the parties involved will have to work hard, but none of them seems particularly concerned about it. On the contrary, they all look very confident on the milestones to be achieved in the short run.

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