A new way to approach the wine world
A new way to approach the wine world
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A new way to approach the wine world

Viniamo and the Italian easy choice

Viniamo is the new Italian digital wine-shop recently launched in Milan. The birth of the company was fostered by Digital Magics, the Italian business incubator assisting innovative business ideas.

The shop revolutionises the way of buying wine, letting consumers looking into specific wine playlists, carefully matched according to the labels but also to the mood, a special theme, an event or a festivity. Playlists can be created by experts but also by customers, who can use them as a reminder of their preferences as well as a vehicle to inform other friends on new wine.

Viniamo innovatively substitutes the traditional wine list with an interactive playlist transforming choice in a funny game. Following Spotify's example, it is possible to choose a known bottle to later explore others.

An example of a popular playlist is the Red Xmas Wine, specially devoted to all Christmas decorations fans. All bottles are red and perfectly match tables characterised by red, gold and green. Another outstanding playlist is Shut up & Marry me, ideal for such a special moment where words can be substituted by the label.

Viniamo aims at making the wine world more simple and accessible, presenting everything in a clear and funny style. For instance, wine description cards are available in two formats: the "short" one and the "long" one. While the former is characterised by anecdotes and stories used by someone to recommend that wine to a friend, the long version contains technical details on the wine.

Finally, Viniamo leadership considers wine as a POP product, which should be chosen easily and without complications. As highlighted by Felicia Palombo, Viniamo General Manager,

"Everyday we buy wine but when many of us are in front of a big selection, they get confused. Viniamo aims at making the experts select quality products while consumers should just be inspired with funny ideas and using a simple language".

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