Baths of Caracalla: Rome Opera Summer Season 2012
Baths of Caracalla: Rome Opera Summer Season 2012
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Baths of Caracalla: Rome Opera Summer Season 2012

A unique experience to spectators offered in one of the Capital's more fascinating monuments

by Nathania Zevi

The 2012 summer opera edition in Rome has opened in the splendid framework of the Caracalla Baths.

Despite the difficult year Italy has been through,Rome is still the place where the combination of art with Roman ruins offers a magic and spectacular atmosphere.

The representation of the tragedy of Norma, Attila's story, the happenings of Tancredi and Clorinda, the parable of Alexander Nevski  in this archeological site , are a unique experience to spectators.

One more time the final goal of the summer opera at the Baths of Caracalla, is reaching a perfect fusion of arts with monuments and their archeological site.

This summer opera program  at Caracalla is not simply a summer edition, a sort of after- winter edition, it has its own identity and  a particular strength related to its particular location.

Any spectator attending a performance in this spectacular place cannot help feeling involved in the searching of his own origins as well as sharing a history belonging to all of us.

The artists performing are extraordinary, starting from the Russian conductor Yuri Temirkanov, who presents the greatness of Nevski's myth, by making perform jointly his Saint Petersburg orchestra and the Italian orchestra of Teatro dell'Opera.

Giorgio Battistelli and Mario Martone, will be respectively, composer and director of Tancredi and Clorinda's story.

Gabriele Ferro and  Andrea de Rosa will be the conductor and composer of Norma's tragedy with the collaboration of the sculptor Matthew Spender.

The program includes also the Giselle ballet with a great choreographer such as Patrice Bart and the participation of the ballet star Svetlana Zacharova.

The ballet dancer Roberto Bolle will also be at Caracalla once again and finally, Gigi Proietti who will perform at the Baths of Caracalla  for the first time.

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