Science and engineering: the new priorities for Italy
Science and engineering: the new priorities for Italy

Science and engineering: the new priorities for Italy

Scuolab: the new initiative to introduce young people to the scientific world

Protom - the innovative group offering advanced technological services - launched a new initiative in Italy called Scuolab. The latter is a software allowing students to conduct in class the same experiments they would do in the lab. The same environment of the lab is reproduced by the software, letting the students interact with the process as they would do in real life.

Scuolab is the outcome of the collaboration between Protom, high school professors and digital experts framed within the initiatives #EuFactor, the European Union campaign devoted to young people, to increase their interest in scientific subjects and to provide them with the adequate skills to succeed in the job market.

As highlighted by Fabio De Felice, Protom's founder, "Scuolab represents a tool to implement policies aimed at maximizing the partnership between school and job market. In fact, available positions in the fields of science and engineering are quite a big number in Italy, being around two million between 2013 and 2025." That is why Scuolab wants to equip young people with adequate skills since high school.

Mr De Felice has also stressed the difficulties that young students have with physics, defined as the "tough science". For this reason, the first three volumes of Scuolab will be focused on physics, transforming the teaching process into a dynamic one able to interest students. Mr De Felice continued stating the need for schools, companies and governments to continue their collaboration aimed at promoting the study of scientific subjects so that young people could be better prepared to join the job vacancies.

Scuolab works on notebooks and on interactive whiteboards. Its main virtue is its faithfulness to the experimental method and its phases, such as the chance to take objects to the working tables and the collection of physical measures.

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