Power2Youth, an Italian project to support Arab youth
Power2Youth, an Italian project to support Arab youth

Power2Youth, an Italian project to support Arab youth

Freedom, dignity and justice to promote growth and development in the Mediterranean region

About a year ago, the partners and advisory board members of a very interesting new research project met for the first time in Rome. Many ideas were aired, and Power2Youth was born, a three-year initiative funded under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme and aiming at offering a critical understanding of youth in the South East Mediterranean through a comprehensive interdisciplinary, multi-level and gender sensitive approach.

According to its own researchers, the project has a cross-national comparative design with the case studies of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territories and Turkey. Power2Youth was publicly launched on the 11th of April, 2014, during a conference organized in collaboration with "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

The subject of the studies of Power2Youth is a very debated one and meets the need to better understand through a scientific approach what has happened and is still happening in some Mediterranean countries after the so-called Arab Spring has reshaped the political face of the region. The first publications edited by Power2Youth focus on the dynamics of youth exclusion/inclusion and sheds light on how various forms of marginalization and domination intersect to generate inequalities among youth themselves.

Recently, a new initiative was launched to push young people to contribute to the network's research activities with their first-hand images. Accordingly, an on-line photo competition has been organized to select the best pictures received around the themes of Youth Space and Cities; Youth Mobilisation and Social Movements as well as Youth and family in the following countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territory and Turkey. The winner will be invited in Brussels for a private digital exhibition on the occasion of the project closure.

Under 35 young photographer who have shot pictures in the South East Mediterranean region in the last 5 years are recommended to participate. Up to ten images can be posted on the project Facebook page in the special Album Power2youth Photography Competition before the September 1st deadline. 

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