Patch for Future, Expo 2015 contribution for a better world
Patch for Future, Expo 2015 contribution for a better world

Patch for Future, Expo 2015 contribution for a better world

An Italian initiative to help student to familiarize with Millennium Development Goals

Supported by Symbola Foundation, Kip International School and Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, Patch for Future is a project aimed to promote the key themes of United Nations' Millennium Declarations among primary and secondary schools. This is the first step to build a better future - more fair and prosperous - raising awareness among "future generations" through arts.

The Italo-Iranian artist Howtan Re is the brain behind this brilliant idea, and he is the one who pushed thousands of Italian students to write on fabric offcuts (namely "Patches") their thoughts and opinions for the future connected to the Millennium Development Goals.

All school students can take part in the project. They just need to sign up on the dedicated websitefrom May 1st and finish their work of art by May 25th 2015. By June 3rd 2015, organizers will go to the participating schools to collect the patches. Howtan Re will then use the latters to create The Globe, symbolically representing the future world and to subside an important fundraising campaign through their selling.

The Globe and the project will be presented at Expo 2015 within an international event involving the participation of national governments representatives, international organizations and local associations. All profits will be devoted to a development project promoted by da KIP International School.

Howtan Re is a 41-years old architect who moved from Tehran to Italy when he was only 5 years old. He considers Italy as his homeland - praising the Bel Paese with dedicated works - without forgetting Iran. Shy, introvert and at the same time very sensitive, Howtan Re seems to have all the "artist-typical" features. Recurring subjects of his art are women, reflecting his strong relationship with his mother who raised him and his two brothers alone in a foreign country.

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