Milan hosts the 2015 Global Enterpreneurship Congress
Milan hosts the 2015 Global Enterpreneurship Congress

Milan hosts the 2015 Global Enterpreneurship Congress

In its bosom the first Talents Worth Spreading on jobs and careers devoted to youths

The 2015 Global Enterpreneurship Congress (GEC) will host the first Talents Worth Spreading (TWS) on jobs and careers. It will be a remarkable launch for the TWS since the GEC has achieved high credit around the world.

The first Congress edition was held in Kansas City in March 2009. It was the fruit of an initiative promoted by Kauffman Foundation that gathered people from around the world, sharing ideas and transforming innovation into reality. The main purpose was to enhance economic growth and expand human welfare.

In 2010 the Convention was hosted in Dubai and the participation increased dramatically. Successful entrepreneurs and CEOs came from more than 90 countries. Moreover, GEC's dimensions and outputs began to appeal politicians and government officials. Their attendance was evident during the third gathering in Shanghai (2011) where Yan Junqi, vice chairwoman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress of China, as well as Wan Gang, the country's Minister for Science and Technology and a number of other government representatives from the federal and local levels were present.

The event growth in terms of dimensions and importance continued during the Liverpool edition (2012), the Rio de Janeiro (2013) and the Moscow ones (2014). Popular characters like Richard Branson (Virgin), Jeff Hoffman (co-founder of and Linda Rottenberg (Endeavor) were present and attendees had the opportunity to hear from global policy and entrepreneurship experts.

In a few years, GEC evolved into an inter-disciplinary gathering where entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and policy-makers from around the world work together.

This year is the Italian chance with Milan as the host city. The designed venue is Europe's largest congress centre, MiCo - Milano Congressi - catering for up to 18,000 people in 70 fully appointed conference rooms. Last but not least, the guests will have the chance to explore the beauties of the entourage ranging from Castello Sforzesco to Brera gallery and to combine business and arts.

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